Monday, May 20, 2013

Team Contest 7 weeks In!!!




Hey All!

We are coming to an end of the First Quarter 90 day challenge, and might I say these past 3 months have been AMAZING!

I sent and email out to you a few days ago in regards to the 2nd quarter- 90 day challenge. I really want everyone to participate in this. Setting goals and holding yourself accountable is HUGE! This will help you meet them and hopefully surpass it ! Building your business takes alot of commitment and consistency on your end to make it work. It takes time to build that momentum, however, staying positive and seeing the big picture ALWAYS, will help you stay in gear!

I decided to give you all a little motivator, to make it fun! Im starting a CONTEST for my direct team that will go into effect April 1, 2013 and end June 29, 2013 @5pm CST.

This contest will be broken down by month with the Top Producers and Pin Level Achievements as well as the OVERALL Top Producer of the 90 day challenge!

Qualifications and Winnings:

To become qualified for this contest please read the entire email. Below you will find the steps that need to be taken as well as the winnings the will be awarded!

Top Producers will receive as follows on a monthly basis for April, May & June

1st Place:

Co-op share for either Beyond, Findtherightjob or Careerbuilder & $25 gift card

2nd Place:

200 optin form leads from Self Serve and a $25 gift card

3rd Place:

100 optin form leads from Self Serve and a $10 gift card

The Top Producer with the most pieces of business enrolled (members and/or ibos) during the 90 day challenge will receive :

- $100 cash or gift card of choice

- 1 co-op share

- 20 fresh optin leads from me

- Your First Year In Network Marketing Book

(if you have this one already, you can decide from a few different options)

Now.. Here is an even better twist to it ....

If you become qualified for the 5 a month club and stay there consistenly for all of April, May and June, whether you are in the Top 3 or not, you will recieve :

****$10 gift card*****

If you are to reach a pin level you will be awarded as follows:

RSD: $15

SRSD: $25

ESD: $50

SESD: $75

NSD: $100

You have the opportunity to WIN a TOTAL of $450 as well as FREE LEADS & a GREAT book for any new network marketer!

(The Top 3 monthly producers will receive their winnings no later then the 20th of the following month and as for the overall 90 day challenge, pin level promotions, and 5 a month club winners , you will receive all winnings no later then July 31, 2013.)

Here are the Steps that need to be taken to participate:

1. Reply back to this email with your goals

Anyone who wants to participate in this contest must email me their 90 day challenge goals. Think about it ... where do you want to be in 3 months from now?

2.TRAINING - Attend 3 Training Calls Weekly or listen to the recording

I definitely recommend both of our team calls that are hosted by Kristie Degraw on Tuesdays @10:00am PST and Jayme Boyles on Wednsdays @ 4pm PST. Both of these ladies are thee TOP 2 PRODUCERS IN AMERIPLAN! They know what they are doing and have most of all the answers you are looking for.

If you are unable to make the live calls, go to our team site at: , click on "weekly calls" at the top. You will find a library of calls hosted by Kristie Degraw over the past year, that would help you TREMENDOUSLY in your business!


You should be posting 10-15+ ads a day and finding multiple lead sources that are either free or within your budget. If you need help strategizing how to generate them or have a budget for advertising but need advice, please email me directly. In the meantime, I will continue to send leads to those of you who email before Sunday evening each week requesting them :)

4. CALLS - I definitely recommend at the minimum 25-30+ full presentations or 50-75 short script presentations WEEKLY!

If you have not chosen a script yet, I recommend going to : there you will find Kristie Degraws full presentation script or Jayme Boyles short 30 second script. Either one is great... I do recommend starting with the full presentation , unless you are very short on time or have more then 20 optin leads a day.

If you find that you have any questions please contact me directly :)

Good Luck to you all and I know I will see your names at the top of the list this month!!!!


Many Blessings!!

Michelle Everett
Executive Sales Director
                                                Stay at Home Mother of 3
                                                 Millenium Club Member
                               Ace Recruiter "Top 20"/Top Producer 2012-2013
                                                        Ameriplan USA
                                                         (702) 778-5984

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


As I type this, we are 1 DAY in to this brand new year.  There are many goals that I am wanting to achieve in my personal and professional life, as too the majority of the population and one of my goals is holding myself more accountable! With out it, I can find 102 different excuses on why I didn't make it happen. 
So,  I am going to be doing 4 90 day challenges this year. Obviously, they will stagger on top of one another and I look forward to sharing my journey here with you!

MY GOALS to meet by 4/1/2013:

*Lose 25 lbs
*Read 3 books
*Scrapbook 1 day per week for 1 hr minimum (my little mommy hobbie)
*Do something 'new' as a family at LEAST once per month 
*Make 2 fridays per month date night for Tony and I

*Get my next pin level promotion of Senior Executive Sales Director or as say SESD
*Add $500 to my residual income 
*Enroll at LEAST 30 new team members to work from home 
*Create a youtube video- introducing myself to the world!
*Hit 1000 likes on both fb business pages

So now that you know where I want to be in 3 months time, I am creating a game plan to get there. Obviously, you have to make small goals to hit the big ones. So in order to meet the goals I have listed above, I will need to stay to a pretty tight schedule and be consistent on a daily basis. 

The first thing I will be doing is creating my inspirational board. I have never done it in the passed, but I believe because I am such a visual learner, It will definitely help me in the long run to be able to SEE where I want to be, rather then just say it, ya know. So by January 7th, 2013, I will post a picture of my board.

So Personally: 
I will be working out for 1 hr M-F with my work out buddy Katie and also start a food log, to keep track of what I am actually consuming and get control of it. 
On Sundays, in the morning I will scrapbook for 1 hr. I started making these books of my kids when they were first born and unfortunately, I stopped making the time to keep up with it. So my goal is to get it all caught up to date. I will also post the scrapbook pages at the end of my 90 days to show you what I have been working on . As for the family outings and date nights, I will definitely take pictures and update information on my facebook ( For the reading, I will be buying a new book on the first of each month from Amazon. These are recommended books that the leaders in network marketing and specifically from our team have recommended. This will help me not only personally but professionally grow and expand my mind.

Professionally: My goal had always been to call 100 new leads per week, which will come to 400 per month. I want to double that. I believe, to really see the expansion of my business and have it take off the way I want it to, I will need to push myself to the furthest extent. So, my goal is a minimum of 40 new leads , but ideally 50 DAILY. Now these have to be fresh opt in leads, meaning they are going directly to my website and requesting for me to contact them. I have always worked the free advertising methods and I stand behind them 150% and will continue to work it. However, I am now in a place, where I can invest alot more into my home business. So, that is my plan. To have 5 different online methods going on everyday to generate leads. Also, for the membership side, I will be placing 3000 fliers locally here in the Las Vegas valley. On the 1st and the 15th of each month, I will do 1500 fliers, well Tony probably will :) However, it will get done!
By doing all of these daily actions, will result in my reaching the $500 increase in residual income, 30 new team members and 1000 new fans on my facebook business pages. Which will ultimately find new leaders on my team and that will give me the promotion to SESD that I am looking for. 
If there is ANYTHING  I have learned while being in the network marketing field, its the small consistent daily efforts that bring out the big bonuses! big promotions! big checks! and the best part the freedom you are looking for.

So now that you all know my game plan and goals that I have set for myself, I am looking forward to starting this adventure. Today was DAY 1 of my 90 day challenge, so 89 more days to go baby! 



Sat,1/5/13 - 5/85 days 

Will be going through some old magazines today to create my Inspirational Vision board either this evening or tomorrow afternoon! I am really excited about this, because I have never personally created one before. I should have, since I am SUCH a visual person, but it doesn't matter because this year it will be done :) 
~I will be back this evening to finish out the rest of todays progress !

 Fri, 1/4/13 - 4/86 days
Okay, so yesterday didn't go so well, but today is a new day. Although I didn't get calls in ( which slap on the wrist to me) , I did spend about 3 hours in the evening, responding to emails from my team and potential prospects with questions. Also, updated my business fan pages on facebook and posted ads in the fb groups that I am part of. Paid for my monthly ad, so the beginning of next week can start off with a bang!
 I definitely love sharing leads with my team who are actively working, so I went through the prospects from my free ads and sent quite a few to some team members as well. It is very important to have people to talk to and I try my best to always have them on the phone :)

 Day 3 - 87 more....
Honestly, Today was my grandfathers funeral and was unable to dedicate myself to fullfilling many goals for my business. However, I will pick right back up where I left off tomorrow :)

 DAY 2 - 88 TO GO .....
So today was productive before I even woke up. I love opening up my emails and seeing that I was getting paid while I was sleeping :)  I had a new team member enroll herself and then only a few hours later to have a gentlemen follow in her footsteps and join my team as well! So I must say, today was good! I called all of my optin leads today and have responded to many emails. Making sure that I am keeping everything updated.
I was NOT able to get to the gym today, however, I did jump on my kids trampoline for about 40 minutes... so I burned a few :D
Ooohhh I also pulled out all of scrapbooking material from my storage and the pictures. I will be able to get to it over the weekend. I also plan on creating my vision board then too!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Gift of Giving

This Holiday Season has approached rather quickly this year if you ask me. Honestly, I am NOT yet prepared for the celebrations that will take place in the weeks to come. However, I thought I would do a little something different this year.

See, normally, I shop like crazy for my kids whatever I see from about September till Christmas Eve, I buy it, wrap and stick it under the tree. This goes along for anyone else on my list to get gifts for. Well, this year, although I will ALWAYS make sure my kids receive gifts, I also want them to know what its like to give them.

We always donate clothes and toys to local donation centers, but I actually want my kids to see what their old toys can do for another child their age. "One mans trash, is another mans treasure". This is SO TRUE! So many children in this world, do not get to experience what most of our children will be experiencing on the morning of December 25th. So, I will be seeking out some homeless shelters and the week of Christmas, my little Michael, Rayahna and Elijah will be the gift givers!! Anywhere from toys, clothes, jackets, etc. My kids sometimes, get a little spoiled and don't realize how good they have it. So, this life lesson is in progress, but this act of giving, is just that GIVING. It is all about the other children and making them smile and feel special too!!

Not only that, I want them to be creative and make little crafty keepsake gifts for family members. I want them to focus more on making others happy and feeling warm inside, rather then the "me, me, me" syndrome.

I want my children to always remember to think of others and pay it forward and not get stuck on themselves. Although its good to treat yourself , its even better to treat others!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Very Happy Thanksgiving to All!


Today I am rejoicing in all the blessings that I have endured not only this year, but in my life. We have to remember what today is really about and make sure that everyone you love knows it and that everything is your life you appreciate!

 I am so thankful and grateful, for not only my children, but for their perfect health. I thank God each day that they are very active, normal, loving, sometimes too loud, beautiful kids! They are my everything and would not want it any other way! My wonderful husband, Tony, he is a very great man and truly blessed to be celebrating our 9TH Thanksgiving together today! Of course my mother and sister, two people that can never be replaced in my life and for the rest of my family who I love very much as well.

I am very grateful that I am able to be here with my children everyday and not miss a beat. Not everyone can experience this lifestyle. Although, I have not hit my peak with Ameriplan yet, and there is only so much more to come, I thank God that I see the big picture and know that everything is very worth while in my eyes. The sacrifices I may make now are going to be what causes my blessings to shine its a light in time to come. 

So tonight when I sit down with my family and enjoy this delicious meal that we spent all day preparing. We will go around the table and each and everyone of us will share with everyone what we are grateful for and give thanks for just being here today with each other!

I hope this finds all of you in good thoughts and  I pray that you all have a warm wonderful Thanksgiving this year!!

Love The Everett Family
-Michelle, Tony, Michael, Rayahna, Elijah-

Monday, November 19, 2012

Reality check

Reality Check!
I hear so many people complain about how they do not have the money to invest into their own business. ...Really? I mean, if you were to sit down and look at your budget, expenses and then the money you use to buy un-needed items/services, you are really going to tell me that you cannot invest $50 a month into a business of your own, that could eventually turn into more then a fulltime income from home?!?!?!???

How many of you smoke cigarrettes, drink alcohol, gamble, get professional pedicures & manicures, rent movies, buy coffee in the morning, buy a newspaper even though you have the internet and cable for news updates, pay for cable tv, and the ultimate EAT OUT.

Okay, so lets just see how much all this would be :
Cigarrettes - $5.50 - $8 (one pack)
Alcohol - $8.50 - $20 (12 pack of beer/1 bottle wine, or hard liquor)
Gamble - $20 (slots)
Pedicures/manicures - $30-$50 each 1x mo
Movies: $1 (redbox) $5 (blockbuster)
coffee: $2 - $6 (depending where you get it 711,starbucks,etc)
newspaper: $2.50
Cable Tv: $50-$150
Eat Out - $25 (family of 5- fast food) $85 (restaurant)

 Total: $174 - $396 - Now this is only based off of the fact that you ONLY buy 1 of each - so in a months time 1 pack of ciggarettes, 1 12 pk of beer, 1 time out to the casino, 1 movie rented , 1 pedicure/manicure, 1 coffee, 1 newspaper, 1 time eating out and obviously your cable bill is monthly.

Could you imagine now if you did this stuff on a weekly or even a daily basis, oh my Goodness, you would be spending so much money on items/services that are not a neccessity.

So what are the facts: if you were to cut out even HALF of these expenses you would still have $87 - $198 in your pocket. Do you know what that money could do for your ENTIRE family and your life if you were to take that and invest it into a network marketing business, such as Ameriplan. Of course you would have to put alot of your time in, however, $87 could not only allow you to OWN the business, but have money to make sure you always have a customer/client base to speak with on a daily basis.

What I am trying to say, re-evaluate your expenses, cut out the stuff you really do not need. Make a few sacrifices. Ask yourself if you really have to have this, this month? I am sure the answer will be no. In just one or even two years time, you will see what a difference you have made, not only in your financial area of your life, but just who you are as a human being, as a spouse, as a parent, etc. This can benefit you in many different areas of your life.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NO EXCUSES! Take Responsibility!

Hey All! I wanted to talk today about responsibility. WE as human beings, adults, parents and individuals need to take responsibility for the outcome of our life. So many of us blame other people, our circumstances, financial binds, and even at this time our president for what has happenned to us. You never hear people actually taking responsibility and admitting that they are the ones who have messed up. We are only human, we are going to mess up in life, that is how we learn what is the right. But when you continue to blame other people or things for the mistakes or faults that you dred in your daily life then its a problem.
 It does NOT matter where you come from, where you have been it just matters where you are going! If you see a bright future and work deligently towards that everyday that is what counts! So, what if yesterday you messed up or 2 years ago you did not make the right decision, So What?!?!? You cannot change it but you can learn from it!
So many people blame the economy for the whatever situation they are in. YES, it is alot harder now a days then 15 yrs ago, however, you still have the power to create the future you want. It may be harder, I do not deny that, but it can be done. Stop blaming others, stop making excuses, stop producing negativity and START loving and living life and working towards a future where you are free of debt, free of stress and freee of worries! Where you can actually do the things you want to do , pay it forward and no longer just survive.
When you start putting everything in your life in perspective and take responsibility for the outcome SO FAR, but decide to take control and make a change, I can GAURANTEE that one year from today you may not even recognize yourself...put it to the test, I dare you.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2 Minute Commute - Making House Rules

 So many people in this world want to work at home. They either want to move their job to their home office and become a telecommuter for the company they work for or start their own work at home business for themselves. So many different reasons can push people to want to demolish the thought of a 9-5. However, when you have made the decision to cut the 1 hr commute to 2 minutes, there has to be guidelines when trying to balance your family and earning an income to be successful.You will need to definitely make some house rules or alternate the ones you have.

First, You have to rule out any feelings of guilt. Many parents come home to be with their kids, but then feel bad because they are not spending all the time with them. You have to dedicate time to both work & family and manage it wisely and productively. So, if you do this, you have no reason to feel guilty. Remind yourself, you used to be away from the house for 8+ hrs a day, so give yourself a break and don't beat yourself up.

Making Guidelines! you HAVE to set those ground rules. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Its vital. If not, you will just find yourself doing all the household chores, looking at a disorganized home office. When you have school aged children, it definitely makes things easier. But if you are anything like me and have a toddler or multiple children under the age of 6 at home, it can become rather tough. Below I have listed some "house rules" that should be applied, when running a Work at Home Business:

 Again, this is something, that is vital to have a productive at home business. Whether, you work while the kids are in school, taking a nap, or if they can entertain themselves with an activity, you have to do it. Make sure the time that you have scheduled in the day to work, that you are actually working. What I mean by that, is make sure you are doing something that will bring you results. Yes, marketing, advertising, email responding, updating posts, etc, will bring in customers, clients or leads. However, if you are not talking with those people, you will never make any money. Wait until the kids are in bed to advertise if you have to. Prioritizing your time is a lifesaver and the quicker you realize that, the easier this will be. I have included an example of my own weekly schedule, just so you can get an idea: 

Mon - Friday
6-8am : Breakfast and preparing the kids for school/dropping them off.
8-10am: Ameriplan - outgoing calls - potential benefit & team members; respond to emails
  (2.5 yr old son is entertaining himself with coloring, sesame street or legos- most of the time quiet :))
10-10:30am: training calls - we have a team call once a week at this time
10:30-11am: pick up my daughter from school
11-12pm: Lunch - lay my 2 kids down for a nap
12:30-2pm: Ameriplan - outgoing calls - potential benefit & team members
2-3:00pm: picking my son up from school
3-5pm: Ameriplan - available for incoming calls
5-8pm: family time (some cleaning is thrown in there if needed)
10-11pm: Ameriplan - online advertising and responding to emails  
               (now you may not want to stay up this late and thats ok, but this is what works for me)

Family Time - I am a little more flexible if I am at home. I will take calls if I am available.
9-10pm - Ameriplan -online advertising respond to emails

Day Off

Now as you can see above I work in between my kids schedule, and get in an average about 3-4 hrs a day. The most important thing I focus on is calling my clients (potential and existing) during the day. This is what will generate my income, so I can continue to work from home. Then I advertise at night, once my kids are asleep. This may not work exactly for you, but you can at least use this as a guideline when creating yours. 

Now that you have set the schedule, you need to explain to your family or household that this time is valuable and needs to be respected. The best thing to do , is to dedicate a place in your home to work. Keep it off limits for anything else, if you have a door ( lucky if you do ) close it , while working. Sometimes, I take the risk of my 2 year old crying in the back ground, because unfortunately I cannot go into a seperate room, but hey those are the joys of working from home and being with your kids....gotta love it! Since, you have made it clear that while you are working, you can't be disturbed, whether its 30 minutes or 2 hours, you need to make sure you dedicate that time for your children as well. Spending at least 30-45 minutes of quality 1 on 1 or my case 1 on 3 time means the world to them. So make sure you make it a priority daily to do that as well. 

Also, I forgot to mention, some things your younger children can do to occupy themselves while you are working: 
*puzzles / games
*outdoor activities (for older children who can be unsupervised)
*tv (there are alot of educational cartoons/shows & if you can't find any on tv, you can go buy them, for them to watch at that time)
*Video games - Wii or Xbox : these 2 have very active full body motion games, where you can seriously break a sweat. between the sports & the dances, they will be completely occupied. It gives them a chance to get active in the house. My kids are at the age they are too young to go outside with out supervision, so this is a great way for them to be active. Some parents may not like the thought of video games, I used to be one of them, but they are not what they used to be when we were kids.

....these are a just to name a few. 

I touched base on this subject on my post last week, but it is so important. You have to continue to set goals for yourself and hold yourself responsible to make them happen. If you are not setting goals to meet, then you are not going to grow and flourish. You will either just stay right where you are or unfortunately plunge. So set a big long term goal and then figure out what you will have to do and the smaller goals you will have to set to get there. For instance, my big goal is to make the annual $2500 bonus. So to do that , I have to at least recruit 5 people on a monthly basis, for 12 consecutive months. Now for me to recruit those 5, I have to stay consistent on advertising and making sure that I am calling at least 20 new people daily. If I do these small goals I will meet my big one in due time. 

See the big picture! Remember why you started this and work at it everyday. Consistency pays off along with a positive attitude. Don't feed into negativity and don't lose focus. Keep working everyday no matter what, I am sure you will find the results you are looking for. However, with all the work you must educate yourself as well. Jump on training calls at LEAST 2-3 a week. If you don't have them available to you then pick up a local work shop, audio training (either from library rentals, online stores such as amazon or local bookstores), listen to motivational speakers (many have videos online, if you can't attend live), read successful entrepreneur's books, research your field, etc. The point is you should always be feeding your mind. You are what you listen to, what you read, what you watch. So make sure whatever it is you are feeding your mind is positive and will make you, your business and family grow and flourish into what you are working so hard for.

I wish you all the best of luck!

Michelle Everett