Monday, May 20, 2013

Team Contest 7 weeks In!!!




Hey All!

We are coming to an end of the First Quarter 90 day challenge, and might I say these past 3 months have been AMAZING!

I sent and email out to you a few days ago in regards to the 2nd quarter- 90 day challenge. I really want everyone to participate in this. Setting goals and holding yourself accountable is HUGE! This will help you meet them and hopefully surpass it ! Building your business takes alot of commitment and consistency on your end to make it work. It takes time to build that momentum, however, staying positive and seeing the big picture ALWAYS, will help you stay in gear!

I decided to give you all a little motivator, to make it fun! Im starting a CONTEST for my direct team that will go into effect April 1, 2013 and end June 29, 2013 @5pm CST.

This contest will be broken down by month with the Top Producers and Pin Level Achievements as well as the OVERALL Top Producer of the 90 day challenge!

Qualifications and Winnings:

To become qualified for this contest please read the entire email. Below you will find the steps that need to be taken as well as the winnings the will be awarded!

Top Producers will receive as follows on a monthly basis for April, May & June

1st Place:

Co-op share for either Beyond, Findtherightjob or Careerbuilder & $25 gift card

2nd Place:

200 optin form leads from Self Serve and a $25 gift card

3rd Place:

100 optin form leads from Self Serve and a $10 gift card

The Top Producer with the most pieces of business enrolled (members and/or ibos) during the 90 day challenge will receive :

- $100 cash or gift card of choice

- 1 co-op share

- 20 fresh optin leads from me

- Your First Year In Network Marketing Book

(if you have this one already, you can decide from a few different options)

Now.. Here is an even better twist to it ....

If you become qualified for the 5 a month club and stay there consistenly for all of April, May and June, whether you are in the Top 3 or not, you will recieve :

****$10 gift card*****

If you are to reach a pin level you will be awarded as follows:

RSD: $15

SRSD: $25

ESD: $50

SESD: $75

NSD: $100

You have the opportunity to WIN a TOTAL of $450 as well as FREE LEADS & a GREAT book for any new network marketer!

(The Top 3 monthly producers will receive their winnings no later then the 20th of the following month and as for the overall 90 day challenge, pin level promotions, and 5 a month club winners , you will receive all winnings no later then July 31, 2013.)

Here are the Steps that need to be taken to participate:

1. Reply back to this email with your goals

Anyone who wants to participate in this contest must email me their 90 day challenge goals. Think about it ... where do you want to be in 3 months from now?

2.TRAINING - Attend 3 Training Calls Weekly or listen to the recording

I definitely recommend both of our team calls that are hosted by Kristie Degraw on Tuesdays @10:00am PST and Jayme Boyles on Wednsdays @ 4pm PST. Both of these ladies are thee TOP 2 PRODUCERS IN AMERIPLAN! They know what they are doing and have most of all the answers you are looking for.

If you are unable to make the live calls, go to our team site at: , click on "weekly calls" at the top. You will find a library of calls hosted by Kristie Degraw over the past year, that would help you TREMENDOUSLY in your business!


You should be posting 10-15+ ads a day and finding multiple lead sources that are either free or within your budget. If you need help strategizing how to generate them or have a budget for advertising but need advice, please email me directly. In the meantime, I will continue to send leads to those of you who email before Sunday evening each week requesting them :)

4. CALLS - I definitely recommend at the minimum 25-30+ full presentations or 50-75 short script presentations WEEKLY!

If you have not chosen a script yet, I recommend going to : there you will find Kristie Degraws full presentation script or Jayme Boyles short 30 second script. Either one is great... I do recommend starting with the full presentation , unless you are very short on time or have more then 20 optin leads a day.

If you find that you have any questions please contact me directly :)

Good Luck to you all and I know I will see your names at the top of the list this month!!!!


Many Blessings!!

Michelle Everett
Executive Sales Director
                                                Stay at Home Mother of 3
                                                 Millenium Club Member
                               Ace Recruiter "Top 20"/Top Producer 2012-2013
                                                        Ameriplan USA
                                                         (702) 778-5984

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