My Journey

Hey Everyone- I am Michelle! I am a Money Making Mommy Machine :) As of right now, I am taking full advantage of the time I have been blessed with at home to build my Ameriplan business. I have reached my 3rd promotion in the company and still thriving to reach the next. This business opportunity lights a flame in me , that just can't be put out! Reason being....There are 3 , well 4, including my husband, Tony, little reasons WHY I do what I do! -Michael, Rayahna and Elijah- ....very simple. They are my everything. I have refused to allow any babysitter, daycare and society raise my children while I go help build toward someone else's dream. Now I used to not always think this way,  I thought you HAD to have a "job" to be successful and daycare was normal. Its what people did to survive. However, I found the truth, luckily early in life, that was exactly what most was doing , JUST SURVIVING. I chose to LIVE! So I have made a promise and dedication to my children to be here everyday with them in their life and still provide for them like a mother should. That is a promise I REFUSE to break!

The Everett's

 I remember when I was very young, still very ambitious like I am today, always dreaming of  "what I want to be when I grow up..." there were so many different opportunities, singer, dancer, cook, teacher, architect, lawyer...the sky was the limit. I knew I always wanted to go to college, because I was taught that "thats what you have to do to be successful". In this very order - graduate high school, go to college, move in on campus, graduate college, start a career, bust your butt so you don't get fired, meet your soulmate, get married, buy a home then have kids. It sounds pretty easy.........

Well, REALITY CHECK! I was 18 years old when I found out I was pregnant. Luckily, I had a wonderful man by my side, who is still right here with me today. But Give it , I was ONLY 18. All those plans to graduate high school, go on a road trip with friends during the summer of 2005, go to college, be an "adult"-(meaning being able to do what I want w/o having a curfew), etc...really just flew out the window. INSTEAD I found myself on welfare (something I swore I would never do, because I resented the limitations I had growing up on it) , living in a not so good area, with a dead end retail job.

Honestly, I didn't know what I was going to do at first. I had no idea where to start. I was not finished with high school and I was gonna have a baby. I really did feel like running away from it all until my 2nd OB appt.  That Mommy in me kicked into high gear when I saw my son for the first time via ultrasound. I just kept thinking " there is no way I can bring this child into this world with expectations of him that I \have yet to live up to" ...I immediately decided I did not want a GED. So I focused on my education and graduated high school from an at home schooling program and started my motherhood journey.

A year passed, I had a 5 month old BEAUTIFUL baby boy, Michael , and found myself enrolled into Everest college to become a certified Medical Assistant ( I thought it would be the fastest way to get a "degree" and get a "job" to take care of my son) . Just when I thought I was starting to shed some of that baby weight.....the unthinkable, I was pregnant AGAIN! Yes, now I am a married 19 yr old with a 5 mo old son and preggers with #2. I couldn't believe it, and frankly no else could either at that time. But being who I am, I managed to keep it together. Spring of 2007, our one and only daughter, Rayahna arrived. *Our lil Angel*

Now , I locked down on birth control REAL quick and decided to move forward in the medical field, since I also graduated the following month after having my baby girl. I quickly learned that JUST because you had a degree or certified, didn't mean people necessarily wanted to hire you. OOPS! I thought if I had this, I could have a CAREER not a JOB. Well truth be told, the very first JOB title I was offered was decent, It was a Medical Biller/Coder BUT the pay was degrading. It was just as bad as my very first job as a cashier at Chuck E Cheese. I couldn't believe it. All that hard work busting my butt to graduate with a 4.0 & high honors, seemed to not matter. So, being the stubborn person that I am, I DECLINED. I knew I deserved better . I went thru a couple temporary jobs, and this was also the starting point of looking to work from home, before I landed my first gig in a doctors office.In November I was offered a medical job and the pay was reasonable being I was at an entry level position. I guess at that time, I felt that everything was running smoothly.

Ok, so earlier I mentioned that being offered a very degrading pay for a medical profession urged me to start my search to bring an income from home. Even after I got a job at a doctors office, there was something ticking in me, still curious what I could do on my own, for myself.  This is a little glimpse of my work at home businesses, I ventured into before Ameriplan :

(1) - Candle Making - which was very short lived I quickly realized that it was not for me. I did know it was legitimate, did a lot of research online, spoke to the rep quite a few times and ALMOST did it but I knew I would just have a bunch of home made candles, that may or may not smell good, begging people to buy them so I could at least make my investment money of $300 back. NEXT.
(2) - Scrapbooking - Okay, now I really got excited about this one, because I LOVE doing this!The Rep had a little station set up in the mall recruiting/selling the service. This is really one of my favorite lil mommy crafts and really wish now, I had more time to do it. However, that was just the thing.... I thought to myself, if I made this a business, I would only be scrapbooking for other families and have no time to do my own. I would just have a stack of unorganized pictures of my kids and probably would have to hire someone to do mine So , I decided to keep my lil hobby for my family instead :)
(3) - Stuffing Envelopes - I am sure many of you thought the "make $1500/wk stuffing envelopes" ad was real right along with me , so no judging ;) . Well , IT WASN'T real if you were still questioning it. I did NOT make not ONE CENT from that thing. I was so mad. Grrrr...$60 down the drain.

{Now during this time, I was working at a doctors office full time, still currently looking to make additional income from home}

(4) - Mystery Shopper - This is another one of those that you have to do your research on. This is a legitimate way to make more money. Just make sure you KNOW that you are going to get paid. When I started looking into this, also realized would not work for me. The first thought "When would I have time to do this? Who would watch my kids while I go shop or eat? people would be like oh hell no Michelle, you can take your kids with you if you are not going to work" this idea was just that an idea. Had to move on to the next.
(5) - Online Surveys - So, by this time, we had moved to Phoenix from Las Vegas to help a family member and I did have a "job" at a drs office when we first moved out there. It lasted a few months before I quit. There were many personal reasons why I did what I did. That being said, once again I found myself at home with now 2 toddlers (ages 2 and 1) with no personal income coming in. I immediately jumped online and started my search. I really thought I found what I was looking for. I did NOT have to pay to get started, which was appealing since I had already been scammed out of money before and I could do it right from home with out having to sell products. After about the 345th VERY time consuming survey I did and only had the earnings of about $69, I realized very fast that I was NOT getting anywhere. So this also was very short lived.

I was SO AGGRAVATED. By then, I just was completely sold on the fact that unless you sold products and held home parties, you would never be able to work from home. Since I did NOT want to do that, I decided to put my search to rest and look again for another "job". Of course the first place I went to was Craigslist. I sent my resume out to probably every single ad out there. In the mix of all that, there was one inparticular ad that directed me to a website. At that time, I thought it was just some regular "interview form" to fill out. So I did and patiently waited to get a call from someone telling me I had an interview.

May 20, 2008 - This was the day I was Introduced to Ameriplan USA. Ms. Jayme Boyles called and started interviewing me over the phone. Asking me what I wanted? what I was looking for? ...well
Mama & Michael W.A.H.
 my first thought was that "this was new because I had never been "interviewed" before where they actually were concerned about what would make me happy". Before I go any further I do have to add, that this girl, is and has been my very best friend since this date. I love her like family and if all I would of ever got was her friendship out of this , that would be okay with me. ...Okay back to business lol...She started going over all these great details about the business opportunity and the health services and I was immediately drawn in. The fact that this country is STARVING for health benefits, I knew this was something I could grow passionate about. Of course, I gave her the whole " gotta talk to my husband" speech, but I knew in my heart after that 2 hr conversation (which I may ad, probably was the best phone call I ever received) that I was going to do this!!! So it was a few weeks later on June 9, 2008 when I took that leap of faith once again!

Okay, so here I am at home, with this business sitting in my lap. I like many others, just really couldn't believe that I could get a decent check. So I enrolled my sister as a member. Let me tell you....72 hrs later I received a check for $71.94. I was in SHOCK! I couldn't believe how easy it was. I made sure that I called "x" amount of people daily and about 7 weeks later I reached my first promotion of Regional Sales Director and had a working team. I drove back out to Las Vegas with a team member of mine to attend a team meeting and meet many leaders within this company. I felt really proud of myself and excited!

Here comes some truth. although how great the beginning of my business was going, how easy it was for me to enroll people and reach my goals , I allowed LIFE to get in my way and become an excuse. Looking back, I think I still had to go through a little bit more life and allow my mind to fully develop before I truly understood what financial freedom was. So in the late fall of 2008, because of my personal "circumstances", I stopped actively working my business. The "reasons" why, sound legit...I was working as a cashier at cvs, living in a weekly motel, almost got a divorce and barely 21 yrs old with 2 small kids. Most people would agree that these were legitimate reasons why I wouldn't have the time to build a business. WRONG! I thought that way back then , I truly did, and it wouldn't of been the last time either. But see if I would of kept pushing through, Today I would of been a 25 year old National Sales Director making at LEAST 50-75k year right now from home. I do believe everything happens for a reason and it has just given me more respect and appreciation towards my business now. ....

When the turmoil in my life started to come to an end and we got back on our feet, I felt like then I could focus back on Ameriplan. LUCKILY, I had put enough business on the books in the first few months, that I was still receiving a residual income. So, I continued to hold my pin level title and team. I soon reached my 2nd pin level of Senior Regional Sales Director, that spring, on my birthday.

After that, I soon found out I was going to be giving birth to my 3rd child that winter of 2009. Honestly, I was very happy about this pregnancy. Although it was #3, it was the first time, I ever yearned to want to be pregnant. I kept telling myself "this is your chance, this is your shot to build your business, its meant to be". I proved myself once again that this business is very DOABLE! I quickly became a top producer on our team and was excited to be back in the game! When time was getting closer to deliver, I saw myself slowly drawing myself back from the business AGAIN. By the time I had my son, Elijah, a week before Christmas, Ameriplan was not even in my mind.

So here we are AGAIN! You are probably thinking that I am a yo-yo. up and down and back and forth. I can honestly admit, I was. I never really committed to anything 100% besides being a mother. I am someone who had NO patience, so it was a hard pill to swallow if I did not hit a goal in a reasonable amount of time.

Life continued, I completely stopped working and just started living life like 98% of the world. Living paycheck to paycheck, like this was the way it was written. The only thing was, I kept getting reminded each and every month around the 18th about AP, because I still was cashing one check that was signed by the Bloom brothers. I still had a team that never gave up, never walked away, never made an excuse. So because I just so happened to enroll them, I continued to get paid. This is the definition of RESIDUAL INCOME. I continued to get paid month after month, year after year for the business I put on the books years ago. For some reason tho, it took until the Spring of 2012 for me to basically get a big slap in the face with reality and REALIZE that this is my destiny, this is what I am suppose to be doing!

So for 2 years I kept receiving a check, never really grew much, it pretty much stay about the same. UNTIL March of 2012. I had one team member, Ildiko Veres, who reached 2 promotions rather quickly, which resulted in me reaching my 3rd pin level promotion of Executive Sales Director. I received an announcement in the mail along with a residual check that had just TRIPLED from the month previous. I couldn't believe it! I told Tony, my husband, that this was a sign. This is what I was meant to do. Obviously, no matter how much I tried to move on and ignore it, Ameriplan was NOT going anywhere. In May, I got back in contact with Jayme and decided to fully commit myself. So I bought 2 roundtrip tickets to Dallas/Ft.Worth, Texas for the week of July 11-15! Why you ask? Ameriplan was celebrating their 20th Anniversary Annual Convention!

L-R : Myself, Janie Jones, Kristie Wooten-Degraw & Jayme Boyles

Wow. Can't even put into words what this experience did for me. But if I attempted it would go a little something like this: This was the FIRST time in my life I felt amazing, important, educated, creative, excited, motivated, inspired, exhilarated, love all in ONE split of a second. From the dinner at the reunion tower, to the convention meetings thru out the day, Fun Night, Awards night, the motivational speakers, I did NOT want it to end. Seeing all the people that have made millions in this company, earned luxury vehicles and vacations, earning an income from home and firing their boss, team members sharing their stories, team members receiving all these cash bonuses and recognition. I never witnessed anything or been part of something so extravagant. I couldn't wrap my mind around it fast enough.

All of this motivated me so much. I realized that all these people were once at "day 1" of their business and the only difference between them and I , was that they were CONSISTENT! They NEVER gave up! I knew right then and there that I had to make a game plan. I had to commit myself that no matter what life brings me, I will NEVER stop. That next year at convention that I too will walk across that stage. I thought to myself "If I have been receiving this check each month because of the work I did 2 years ago, just imagine the income I could be making if I actually got up off my butt and did something!" 

I came home and it has only been going up from there! I was working at a doctors office and in August decided to commit 100% and come home full time with my children, so I can focus on building my business! Since then I live my life around my business. Meaning, that I make sure my "to do" list in Ameriplan has been completed for the day , before I start doing laundry, cleaning, running errands or doing school projects. I make my business the #1 priority! I feel so happy that I finally understand the key to success!  That I finally see the big picture! That I was given this opportunity early in life. That I didn't waste not one more minute in the corporate world. That I believe in myself enough to know that I am gonna make this happen!

You know how people pray and pray and pray to God everyday to just win the lottery, get a good job, "fix" the bad in their life. Well, I feel that God answered my prayer back in 2008. He has been basically dangling Ameriplan in my face saying "HELLO MICHELLE! Its right here!... I heard you!.... Here is your something with it! You ask me to fix your life, to have more money, to have a career and I am giving it to you, but your not listening! Michelle..hello! " know that sounds crazy, but I feel like I have seriously been praying for something that had been answered quite a few years ago now and I just had to get a huge slap of reality from God to realize that He was not going to just hand it to me. That would be to easy. He was gonna give me what I prayed for, but I have to work for it. I realize now, that Ameriplan is my lottery ticket, is my luxury life I dream of, is my freedom, is my childrens present and future. I just have to activate it! So that's what I am doing, I flipped the switch to "on" and  there is no way to turn it off. That flame has been lit and is the light guiding me through this journey!

Now, not even 10 months since convention, I am a Millenium Club member,  on the A.C.E. Top Producer List in the top 20, out of  the 70,000 people working for this business, have a great team, completely replaced the income I was making just last year, as well as COMPLETELY off of any state benefits , such as medicaid or food stamps. I am NO LONGER a statistic. I am proof that you can come from poverty, have children very young and still make it out on top. It has truly humbled me & I am so entirely GRATEFUL!

This is why I am so passionate in wanting to share this opportunity with others. I know it works. I know there is a better way. I know that you can LIVE rather then survive. I want to be able to  help as many people as possible gain their life back and have financial freedom!!

       Don't Ever Give up on YOUR DREAMS! It is YOUR Life, you make the rules, so start LIVING it TODAY! 

                                                                       >Michelle <


  1. Michelle, you are a GEM!! Your story inspires me!! Thank you so much for your leadership, energy, fire, friendship and for being YOU!!! Love you girl!!!

    1. thanks so much Kristie for inspiring me to see the big picture you too! xo

  2. We have not met in person (yet) your story is one that young people need to hear. No matter what the battles nor the odds, you kept fighting and keeping your family together even though there were trials. I look to you often for guidance and inspiration and you always have time even with your busy family and work to be available for me. You are one amazing woman! I am so honored to be your AP sister and friend.

    1. Thank you so much Kathy!

      I see the flame in you as well and I know it is only amatter of time before you see the success you are looking for!

  3. Aww me love you long time sister!! Proud of you and will always remember our first conversation and our immediate connection!

  4. We sooo connected that first day and have ever since.... you truly are a sister to me , and me love you long time too! xoxo ;) So glad to have you here in this journey !

  5. Wow you have such an amazing and truly inspiring story Michelle!! Hits very close to home. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. You are such an inspiration! I am so glad to have this chance to make a real change in my life as well as my daughter's life. I can't wait to see all the good that is coming up! Looking forward to a great career with you as my guide, how can I go wrong?!!!