Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Very Happy Thanksgiving to All!


Today I am rejoicing in all the blessings that I have endured not only this year, but in my life. We have to remember what today is really about and make sure that everyone you love knows it and that everything is your life you appreciate!

 I am so thankful and grateful, for not only my children, but for their perfect health. I thank God each day that they are very active, normal, loving, sometimes too loud, beautiful kids! They are my everything and would not want it any other way! My wonderful husband, Tony, he is a very great man and truly blessed to be celebrating our 9TH Thanksgiving together today! Of course my mother and sister, two people that can never be replaced in my life and for the rest of my family who I love very much as well.

I am very grateful that I am able to be here with my children everyday and not miss a beat. Not everyone can experience this lifestyle. Although, I have not hit my peak with Ameriplan yet, and there is only so much more to come, I thank God that I see the big picture and know that everything is very worth while in my eyes. The sacrifices I may make now are going to be what causes my blessings to shine its a light in time to come. 

So tonight when I sit down with my family and enjoy this delicious meal that we spent all day preparing. We will go around the table and each and everyone of us will share with everyone what we are grateful for and give thanks for just being here today with each other!

I hope this finds all of you in good thoughts and  I pray that you all have a warm wonderful Thanksgiving this year!!

Love The Everett Family
-Michelle, Tony, Michael, Rayahna, Elijah-

Monday, November 19, 2012

Reality check

Reality Check!
I hear so many people complain about how they do not have the money to invest into their own business. ...Really? I mean, if you were to sit down and look at your budget, expenses and then the money you use to buy un-needed items/services, you are really going to tell me that you cannot invest $50 a month into a business of your own, that could eventually turn into more then a fulltime income from home?!?!?!???

How many of you smoke cigarrettes, drink alcohol, gamble, get professional pedicures & manicures, rent movies, buy coffee in the morning, buy a newspaper even though you have the internet and cable for news updates, pay for cable tv, and the ultimate EAT OUT.

Okay, so lets just see how much all this would be :
Cigarrettes - $5.50 - $8 (one pack)
Alcohol - $8.50 - $20 (12 pack of beer/1 bottle wine, or hard liquor)
Gamble - $20 (slots)
Pedicures/manicures - $30-$50 each 1x mo
Movies: $1 (redbox) $5 (blockbuster)
coffee: $2 - $6 (depending where you get it 711,starbucks,etc)
newspaper: $2.50
Cable Tv: $50-$150
Eat Out - $25 (family of 5- fast food) $85 (restaurant)

 Total: $174 - $396 - Now this is only based off of the fact that you ONLY buy 1 of each - so in a months time 1 pack of ciggarettes, 1 12 pk of beer, 1 time out to the casino, 1 movie rented , 1 pedicure/manicure, 1 coffee, 1 newspaper, 1 time eating out and obviously your cable bill is monthly.

Could you imagine now if you did this stuff on a weekly or even a daily basis, oh my Goodness, you would be spending so much money on items/services that are not a neccessity.

So what are the facts: if you were to cut out even HALF of these expenses you would still have $87 - $198 in your pocket. Do you know what that money could do for your ENTIRE family and your life if you were to take that and invest it into a network marketing business, such as Ameriplan. Of course you would have to put alot of your time in, however, $87 could not only allow you to OWN the business, but have money to make sure you always have a customer/client base to speak with on a daily basis.

What I am trying to say, re-evaluate your expenses, cut out the stuff you really do not need. Make a few sacrifices. Ask yourself if you really have to have this, this month? I am sure the answer will be no. In just one or even two years time, you will see what a difference you have made, not only in your financial area of your life, but just who you are as a human being, as a spouse, as a parent, etc. This can benefit you in many different areas of your life.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NO EXCUSES! Take Responsibility!

Hey All! I wanted to talk today about responsibility. WE as human beings, adults, parents and individuals need to take responsibility for the outcome of our life. So many of us blame other people, our circumstances, financial binds, and even at this time our president for what has happenned to us. You never hear people actually taking responsibility and admitting that they are the ones who have messed up. We are only human, we are going to mess up in life, that is how we learn what is the right. But when you continue to blame other people or things for the mistakes or faults that you dred in your daily life then its a problem.
 It does NOT matter where you come from, where you have been it just matters where you are going! If you see a bright future and work deligently towards that everyday that is what counts! So, what if yesterday you messed up or 2 years ago you did not make the right decision, So What?!?!? You cannot change it but you can learn from it!
So many people blame the economy for the whatever situation they are in. YES, it is alot harder now a days then 15 yrs ago, however, you still have the power to create the future you want. It may be harder, I do not deny that, but it can be done. Stop blaming others, stop making excuses, stop producing negativity and START loving and living life and working towards a future where you are free of debt, free of stress and freee of worries! Where you can actually do the things you want to do , pay it forward and no longer just survive.
When you start putting everything in your life in perspective and take responsibility for the outcome SO FAR, but decide to take control and make a change, I can GAURANTEE that one year from today you may not even recognize yourself...put it to the test, I dare you.