Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NO EXCUSES! Take Responsibility!

Hey All! I wanted to talk today about responsibility. WE as human beings, adults, parents and individuals need to take responsibility for the outcome of our life. So many of us blame other people, our circumstances, financial binds, and even at this time our president for what has happenned to us. You never hear people actually taking responsibility and admitting that they are the ones who have messed up. We are only human, we are going to mess up in life, that is how we learn what is the right. But when you continue to blame other people or things for the mistakes or faults that you dred in your daily life then its a problem.
 It does NOT matter where you come from, where you have been it just matters where you are going! If you see a bright future and work deligently towards that everyday that is what counts! So, what if yesterday you messed up or 2 years ago you did not make the right decision, So What?!?!? You cannot change it but you can learn from it!
So many people blame the economy for the whatever situation they are in. YES, it is alot harder now a days then 15 yrs ago, however, you still have the power to create the future you want. It may be harder, I do not deny that, but it can be done. Stop blaming others, stop making excuses, stop producing negativity and START loving and living life and working towards a future where you are free of debt, free of stress and freee of worries! Where you can actually do the things you want to do , pay it forward and no longer just survive.
When you start putting everything in your life in perspective and take responsibility for the outcome SO FAR, but decide to take control and make a change, I can GAURANTEE that one year from today you may not even recognize yourself...put it to the test, I dare you.

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