Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Very Happy Thanksgiving to All!


Today I am rejoicing in all the blessings that I have endured not only this year, but in my life. We have to remember what today is really about and make sure that everyone you love knows it and that everything is your life you appreciate!

 I am so thankful and grateful, for not only my children, but for their perfect health. I thank God each day that they are very active, normal, loving, sometimes too loud, beautiful kids! They are my everything and would not want it any other way! My wonderful husband, Tony, he is a very great man and truly blessed to be celebrating our 9TH Thanksgiving together today! Of course my mother and sister, two people that can never be replaced in my life and for the rest of my family who I love very much as well.

I am very grateful that I am able to be here with my children everyday and not miss a beat. Not everyone can experience this lifestyle. Although, I have not hit my peak with Ameriplan yet, and there is only so much more to come, I thank God that I see the big picture and know that everything is very worth while in my eyes. The sacrifices I may make now are going to be what causes my blessings to shine its a light in time to come. 

So tonight when I sit down with my family and enjoy this delicious meal that we spent all day preparing. We will go around the table and each and everyone of us will share with everyone what we are grateful for and give thanks for just being here today with each other!

I hope this finds all of you in good thoughts and  I pray that you all have a warm wonderful Thanksgiving this year!!

Love The Everett Family
-Michelle, Tony, Michael, Rayahna, Elijah-

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