Monday, December 3, 2012

Gift of Giving

This Holiday Season has approached rather quickly this year if you ask me. Honestly, I am NOT yet prepared for the celebrations that will take place in the weeks to come. However, I thought I would do a little something different this year.

See, normally, I shop like crazy for my kids whatever I see from about September till Christmas Eve, I buy it, wrap and stick it under the tree. This goes along for anyone else on my list to get gifts for. Well, this year, although I will ALWAYS make sure my kids receive gifts, I also want them to know what its like to give them.

We always donate clothes and toys to local donation centers, but I actually want my kids to see what their old toys can do for another child their age. "One mans trash, is another mans treasure". This is SO TRUE! So many children in this world, do not get to experience what most of our children will be experiencing on the morning of December 25th. So, I will be seeking out some homeless shelters and the week of Christmas, my little Michael, Rayahna and Elijah will be the gift givers!! Anywhere from toys, clothes, jackets, etc. My kids sometimes, get a little spoiled and don't realize how good they have it. So, this life lesson is in progress, but this act of giving, is just that GIVING. It is all about the other children and making them smile and feel special too!!

Not only that, I want them to be creative and make little crafty keepsake gifts for family members. I want them to focus more on making others happy and feeling warm inside, rather then the "me, me, me" syndrome.

I want my children to always remember to think of others and pay it forward and not get stuck on themselves. Although its good to treat yourself , its even better to treat others!

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