Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The key to success!


I cannot stress enough how important is to make goals and be consistent. Now this goes for anything that you want in life. You have to make this a priority to be consistent. If you don't , you will not reach your goals or it will take extremely more time and effort then needed!

So the first thing I suggest is to WRITE out your goals. Make it visible to the naked eye. Make it to where you are reminded daily of what you are working so hard for. This puts things into perspective and makes them very real. Like I said, do this with anything you are working towards. Whether its building a business, getting a promotion, losing weight, etc. Goals are stemmed from dreams and with out dreams, there is no hope. So keep your hope ALIVE.

So when making these goals, usually you have ONE BIG GOAL you are aiming to, however, you are going to have to do alot to get there. So break down those goals. Make small daily, weekly or monthly goals to reach, so you can get to that yearly goal. This for one will make it alot easier to obtain. When you see that you are reaching the smaller goals it drives you to reach the next one and the next. Before you know it, that year has passed and you are where you wanted to be. So make sure that you have this in mind when you pull that paper and pen out to start writing!

Ok, so once you know what you want, you have to figure out how to get it and make sure you make the time to do it!  When it comes to your business, MAKE A SCHEDULE..hold on , I don't think ya'll heard me...MAKE A SCHEDULE! Think about it, if you were to work a "job" you would work a set schedule and would not be allowed to walk away from the job to do laundry, cook, watch tv, grocery shop, etc. So, you need to have that same mindset when it comes to your homebased business! When you treat your business like a business, you will get paid like a business! But if you dare treat your BUSINESS like a hobby, then guess what you will be making hobby money. You decide what you want.

When you make a schedule, this dedicates specific time to working your business. Now when I say working I mean, DOING what is going to make you those mighty fine benjamins. Producing checks is what all of our goals are when we start, so this is the momentum you have to keep driving daily through your business. So by doing that you have to do what produces the money, which is talking to people. Responding to emails, social networking on facebook, posting ads, etc. will not make you money. CALLING the people who respond to all of this WILL. So if you are limited to time in the day, then make sure the time you do have set aside, you use to call people. Wait till the evening when your kids are tucked away in bed to post ads and respond to emails. You will fill more accomplished and will have more results! Let me add, when making goals, set a goal on how many people you want to talk to and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Hold yourself responsible, don't let no be an answer!

Once you find yourself in a routine that works for you and producing you results, you have to STAY CONSISTENT! I cannot stress this enough, when you stop, the growth of your business and check stops as well. Remember, when you are consistent and doing something daily it will soon form a habit. If you form a habit, you will realize that you are doing most things almost on "auto pilot" because it comes so natural to you.  So make sure you are putting that effort in DAILY! Even if you find that you may be struggling at first, you may need to tweek some things here and there, but if you stay at it and be CONSISTENT, you will reach the GOALS you have made for yourself, which will bring you the SUCCESS that you thrive for each day!

So get out there and whether this is day 1 or your 4 years deep, create a goal, make a schedule, prioritize that time, and be consistent everyday and I KNOW you will soon be at the top of  your business!!!!

Good Luck & Game ON!!


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