Thursday, October 18, 2012

Have Hope

Having Hope

H.O.P.E.  - Having Only Positive Expectations!

You have to have positive thoughts, feelings, and expectations in the world or you will never get anywhere. What you put out in life is what you get back. So have hope that it will be ok, that you will conquer your fears and raise above any turmoil in your life and then surpass what you ever expected to do!

I know there has been many times I feel like throwin my hands up and saying forget it. I had completely lost hope in making more money, having a better relationship or life in general. So many of you, can relate to this. However, Hope and Faith is the ONLY thing we can have when all else fails. So no matter how bad it gets you gotta keep it alive!

I was reading one of Dani Johnson's book and she touches on the hope we had as a child. How innocent it was and how real it felt.....Remember when you were a child and you anticipated for Christmas or Easter or even got excited when your tooth fell out. Why? Because you knew you were getting toys and money from Santa or the Tooth Fairy.  Now, all those years ago when you were a child you truly believed with all your might that there was a man who could fit in your chimney that brought you toys or a little fairy who went around picking up teeth in the middle of the night in exchange for cash. So you anticipated it with excitement. You never tried to analyze how crazy it sounded, never needed proof. You new in your heart that he was real and had hope that no matter what, you would have a present from Santa under that tree the next morning.

The point is, if you could believe whole heartily in something, such as Santa with no proof that he even exists, then you can BELIEVE in yourself and have HOPE that you will prosper in your life. You do NOT need to see the future , you need to create it. If you believe that you have the power to form the life you choose then it will happen. It may take hard dedication and work , and you may fail a few times, but you have to have hope and keep going. BELIEVE in YOURSELF or no one else will.

Don't give up

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